Paradigm Education Academy of Creative Enlightenment Inc.

Re-Enchanting Education in a Universe of
Limitless Possibilities

PEACE School is a registered charitable, non-profit NGO, born of a childhood vision for an ideal learning experience, where students engage their imagination and explore their world creatively. They are recognized for their individual gifts and talents and encouraged to develop to their fullest potentiality, as they discover the 'magic' of life.

PEACE Vision

To engage children in the re-enchantment of education and guide them to their highest potentials, through the provision of tools that ignite, unfold and augment their innate gifts, and to nurture the essence of each child, so they blossom into creative, joyful, highly evolved citizens, while on the path to discover who and what they really are.

“Guide our children to their highest conscious potential and nurture them with love, so they blossom fully, while discovering the wonder and joy of being.”

Susan Terry,

Founder of PEACE School


Synergy International Inc. has 9 Design aspects that will lead us to a fully functional city, where the many problems we face today will no longer exist. We term all these inter-connected aspects working harmonically in the integrated design, a Smart Eco City. It is the task for all participants and inhabitants to be aware of the Smart Eco City basic principles, throughout the building process and when they actually reside there.

Because your child deserves to Shine.

PEACE School is now accepting registration for the September 2021 to June 2022 school year.