What makes PEACE School unique?

PEACE Mission

“Learning through the performing and visual arts is exciting and invites children to develop confidence, communication and team building skills essential for successful living.”

Dr Jean Houston,

Author, Scholar, UNICEF Advisor
"If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision, wherever it takes him."

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Who Benefits?

PEACE School is for those who desire an enthusiastic and creative approach to explore their world through a global gateway that offers students a fresh multi-cultural perspective towards a meaningful and purposeful life. Our intent is to develop communities of learnership that guide students to become knowledgeable and actively involved in their environs becoming informed, responsible, respectful leaders and sovereign beings.

PEACE Facilitators and Mentors are highly aware, knowledgeable and experienced role models, enthusiastically transmitting lessons in consideration of the whole being and uniqueness of each individual. Learning is inspiring and experiential, set in a thriving natural, safe and comfortable environment that promotes sustainability. Classrooms sizes are small to ensure individualized academic and personal support for all students. Programs and curriculum are designed to free hearts and minds from negative patterns and fear that enables our children to become radiant lights and global influences in a new world.

What is PEACE School?

PEACE School, a charitable, not for profit, private Arts and academics infused, K to 6 school, launched September 2013 in the Nipissing region. We are currently planning to build sustainable, off grid, Green schools in the Nipissing region, Kenya and Belize, with intent to be fully operational with an online platform by 2022.

Paradigm Education Academy of Creative Enlightenment Inc. (a.k.a. PEACE School), a registered charitable non-profit NGO, is a unique, Kindergarten-12 education that approaches learning from a holistic perspective, working from an innovative step beyond technology, that provides our children with a new brand of enlightened imagination creativity education, in an inspiring and engaging sustainable Green School environment. The PEACE Arts and enlightened Academics infused curriculum is designed with flexibility, to adapt to student capability, needs and learning styles, so they discover, nurture and cultivate their innate gifts and talents.

Students explore the world through an imagination, creativity, inquiry based experience, to develop to their potential, at their own pace, using their learning style on which they are assessed. A key focus of the PEACE curriculum is on the environment, our interdependence with all life forms, and creating sustainable communities and a better world.


The PEACE Classroom

At PEACE, the Universe is our classroom. We offer an extraordinary opportunity for our outdoor experiential education programs … everything from learning about sustainable living, permaculture, exploring nature via flora and fauna studies, history of the Earth, physical education (canoeing, kayaking, skiing, hiking, eco tours), Health and Science, all integrated and infused into an ever expanding creative curriculum.

When one enters a PEACE School they will perceive an energized hive of activity in a collaborative open concept environment. Each school day begins with a form of Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, Music, and more, to set the day’s tone … and ends with a Council Circle. From time to time, guest Mentors or ‘Experts’ visit the classrooms to share their experiences and expertise. At the end of each school day, in the Council Circle, students pass the “Talking Stick” granting each the opportunity to share their learning experience of the day. Faculty also convene to share their insights and experiences.

The Academy provides an environment where children learn real life skills creatively. We offer outdoor access from each of its’ large, bright and airy classrooms. SmartBoard technology may be available to students for interactive academia and as an interface for connecting with world class Mentors and exploring world cultures through global classroom encounters. The exterior will provide large areas with easy access to sports fields and other public facilities for play activities, with a space for sustainable community gardens, community projects, and lush forests / jungles for natural exploration.

Also included is a Research & Development Centre, and an indoor multipurpose auditorium | theatre stage | gymnasium for school-wide and community activities, performances, conferences, musical, theatrical and entrepreneurial development events; a large kitchen supports the healthy meal and culinary arts program; a sunny, contemporary library contains a computer lab for student research and media-arts program; and large fully equipped music, drama and art rooms.


Unleash your child's true potential.