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Susan Terry, Founder/Exec Director, B.Ed., B.A.,TEFL, E.C.E., Artist, Musician, Multimedia Specialist

Susan Terry is a graduate of Nipissing University: Bachelor of Arts, Fine Arts and Music majors, French Minor ~ Bachelor of Education – Visual Arts and Instrumental Music majors, International Teaching; TEFL degree; Canadore College: Developmental Social Work, Computer Technology Software; Radio & Television Broadcasting, and Early Childhood Education.

Susan is a visionary who, soon after entering grade one, became disillusioned with the militant industrial classroom environment. “We enter the world as creative beings with great imaginations to guide us, and that is the perspective we live and learn from … the inside out.” Every day she envisioned how, when she grew up, she would change the world of education to a creative, exploration and enjoyable journey. In high school, she was fascinated by the story of Maria Montessori and her work with mentally challenged children. Susan landed her first career to setup and supervise a Montessori style Child Enrichment Program with the North Bay Children’s Aid Society and later became a Child Care Worker with ‘at risk teens’ in the heart of Toronto. This was followed by a long career in the creative field of multi-media communications: film, television, radio (journalist, writer, producer, director and editor, employed by Crawley Films, International Cinemedia and all Canadian National networks. She later launched a multi-media Agency, in North Bay, Ontario, ICU Media, Marketing & Promotions – media production, communications, Public Relations, desktop publishing and web design. In tandem, she was a Professor at Canadore College (Project Management) and CTS Career Training (Business English; Computer Software, Marketing), a Public Relations Officer for Nipissing University, and ESL Instructor, while assisting in the coordination of the Regional and National Science Fairs for grade 7 to 12 students, over 13 years. In 2006, after watching her children go through an even more discouraging education experience, she was inspired to begin the school of her early visions … a joyful and enlightening experience for all children, to be nurtured to develop in their own design, to their fullest potentiality. “Like flowers in a garden, we all contain within the birth seed everything we need to blossom fully, given a wholesome, loving and nurturing environment.”

S Terry Passport photo 2017

The PEACE School methodology is an organic creation founded on a conglomeration and collage of all the finest ancient and contemporary philosophies and methodologies to provide the tools and inspiration that will guide children to live an engaging, meaningful and purposeful life.

Susan is an advocate of cooperative community living and has volunteered in a variety of ways: playing flute in the North Bay Symphony and 22 Wing Military Band; acting as chaperone and public relations officer for a high school band during two European tours through Vienna, Prague, Salzburg, Weimer, Bath, London (UK) and Paris. She was active in her children’s education, as Chair of Parent-Teacher Association for their school and, through Children of Chernobyl Canada, as host of a Belarusian child for a summer respite in her home over 7 years. She has been inspired, and guided by great spirits and mentors along her journey, who have given her the courage and confidence to undertake the immense mission to manifest this Divine vision to re-enchant education and give the Earth back to the Arms of Love.


Blaine Photorev

Dr Blaine E. Hatt

PEACE Director,
Curriculum Development,
Faculty Training, PhD

Robert Haralick_crop

Robert M. Haralick

PEACE Director,
Computer Science

Barbara Young

Barbara Young,

PEACE Director,
Creative Development,
Faculty Training


Reinhold Ziegler

PEACE Director,
Global Building Development,
M.A., M.E., B.I.D., E.E.


Loren Zanier

PEACE Director,
Engineering Scientist,
Research Development


Megan Gaiser

PEACE 🕊Creative Strategist for Inspired Experience🕊

Dr Blaine E. Hatt

PEACE Director, Curriculum Development,
Faculty Training, PhD

Dr. Blaine Hatt is a newly acclaimed associate professor (01 July 2013) of intermediate/secondary education in the Schulich School of Education at Nipissing University, North Bay. He is a former secondary Principal and classroom teacher at the elementary and secondary levels. Presently, he teaches in undergraduate studies in curriculum and evaluation; TELL (Teaching English Language Learners); English education, Imagination Creativity Education (ICE) and; in graduate studies in the area of literacy. His research interests focus on imagination creativity education, literacy, pedagogical relationality, understanding the transactional curriculum, service learning, and developing communities of learnership. He is an inaugural recipient of Nipissing University’s Schulich Fellowship Award for Teaching (2011).

Robert M. Haralick

PEACE Director, Education Advisor

Robert M. Haralick, a distinguished professor in Computer Science at Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY), is one of the leading figures in computer vision, pattern recognition, and image analysis. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and a Fellow and past president of the International Association of Pattern Recognition.

Haralick received a B.A. degree in mathematics from the University of Kansas in 1964, a B.S. degree in electrical engineering in 1966, and a M.S. degree in electrical engineering in 1967. In 1969, after completing his Ph.D. at the University of Kansas, he joined the faculty of the electrical engineering department, serving as professor from 1975 to 1978. In 1979 Haralick joined the electrical engineering department at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, where he was a professor and director of the spatial data analysis laboratory.

From 1984 to 1986 Haralick served as vice president of research at Machine Vision International, Ann Arbor, MI. Haralick occupied the Boeing Clairmont Egtvedt Professorship in the department of electrical engineering at the University of Washington from 1986 through 2000. At UW, Haralick was an adjunct professor in the computer science department and the bio-engineering department.

In 2000 Haralick accepted a Distinguished Professorship position at the computer science department of the Graduate Center, City University of New York.

Haralick is a Fellow of IEEE for his contributions in computer vision and image processing and a Fellow of the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR) for his contributions in pattern recognition, image processing, and for service to IAPR. He served as president of IAPR from 1996 to 1998. He has served on the editorial board of “IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence” and has been the computer vision area editor for Communications of the ACM and as an associate editor for Computer Vision, Graphics, and Image Processing, The IEEE Transactions on Image Processing and Pattern Recognition. He served on the editorial board of Real Time Imaging and the editorial board of Electronic Imaging. His publications include over 570 archival papers, book chapters, conference proceedings and books. He has coauthored papers with over 265 people. The science citation index lists over 6300 references to his papers.

Haralick has been recognized for his academic research in the Marquis Who’s Who books. He is listed in the current editions for Who’s Who in the East and Who’s Who in America.

Barbara Young

PEACE Director, Creative Development, Faculty Training

Barbara’s story reveals a multi-talented, outgoing and dedicated being involved in lifting others up to a better life and all the while deeply steeped in music. Born into a family of musicians, she thought it very natural to attend concerts, where her uncle conducted the NBC Symphony. Playing the piano was her greatest expression along with singing and interpretive dance. Practice and rehearsals always led to a performance. As a member of the Fairfield County Chorale, Barbara sang the Verdi Requiem in Carnegie Hall. Walking onto that hallowed stage, she felt all the “greats” who have performed there, including her grandmother and mother who both sang with The Schola Cantorum, under the baton of Arturo Toscanini and her uncle Milton who was Toscanini’s assistant conductor. One night, she sang “The Knights of the Templar” at Lincoln Center from 10pm to 5am, to an enthusiastic audience. There were many concert tours of Europe, starting with her high school choir, which was invited to represent the youth of America.

Barbara spent seven years employed in two Psychiatric Centers in New York City, as Program Director of the Geriatric Division at Kingsboro in Brooklyn, and later, as Program Director of Creedmoor in Queens. Seven years equaled one hundred years of experience for Barbara. All while raising her family as a single parent and attending night school, to complete her Master’s Degree. All modalities were studied and put into a Private Practice, while a deep connection with her clients and what was best for them was the model employed.

Since the 1980’s Barbara has journeyed on a spiritual quest that, 3 decades later, led her to a Wizard Workshop in Australia, where she met Robert Young, a remarkably enlightened being, whose message to the world exemplifies “The Magic of Life”. Nine months later they were married, and a new life journey truly began. In 2010, Susan Terry was invited to an inspiring weekend spiritual retreat with Robert and Barbara in Pennsylvania, after which the name Paradigm Education Academy for Creative Enlightenment was ignited by billboard signs on her 11 hour journey back to Ontario. In 2011, Robert and Barbara became the first Directors of PEACE School contributing greatly to its vision, concept and development.

Reinhold Ziegler

PEACE Director, Global Building Development,
M.A., M.E., B.I.D., E.E.

Reinhold Ziegler, a visionary, whose magnificent life works were for the betterment of the Earth, mankind and all life forms, crossed over on October 9th, at 10:35 am at Hayward CA Hospital, following a number of strokes that were unfortunate timing surrounding a series of experimental injections. His legacy will live on through his past and future works. Reinhold will be dearly missed.

Mr. Ziegler has been pioneering the development of appropriate technology and renewable energy systems since 1972. After participating in a Buckminster Fuller’s World Game workshop with the Village of Arts & Ideas he co-authored and published a book titled; VILLAGE ONE, which outlined plans for creating self-reliant solar villages.

In 1976 he joined the research & development team of Aero-Power Systems Inc. to develop modern wind turbines. In 1978 he received grants from the U.S. Department of Energy to build Wind-Energy Pavilions and solar demonstration projects. This led to grants to produce energy video-documentaries such as ” The Windcatchers” and “Power-Struggle”. In 1979, Mr. Ziegler with his colleagues founded Earth Lab Institute, a research, design and fabrication facility for the development of renewable energy technologies and sustainable solar architecture. During this time he designed and manufactured MATRIXTM , a unique, practical full-scale erector kit which can be used to construct exhibit structures, furniture, modular houses, solar tracking systems, electric vehicles and vertical axis wind-turbines. . By the early 1980’s, he was employed as a master planner and developer of Wind farms, while teaching renewable energy courses at the University of California and VISTA College at Berkeley.

During this time he joined the staff of the Farallones Institute and became a U.S. Action Peace Corps, YICCP, and CETA trainer & contractor utilizing the appropriate technology kits developed previously. His training expertise was in Community and Village technologies with an emphasis on cottage industries, micro-enterprise development, village scale power and water pumping windmills for remote locations.
In 1985 he filed letters of patent on the development of TURBO-STAR®, a break-through wind and river turbine. He laid the plans to manufacture the turbines in China. In 1988 after visiting China he moved operations to Hawaii and returned 10 years later, 1999, to Northern California where he now lives.

Today, Reinhold is the Founder & CEO of Synergy International Inc., designing and implementing eco villages worldwide and supporting the development of PEACE Schools within these eco communities.

Loren Zanier

PEACE Director, Engineering Scientist,
Research Development

Loren is a world traveled multi-disciplinary private sector advisor and Vietnam vet, who is primarily a self-educated child prodigy [classified as ‘intuitive creative geniuses’] of gifted parents. He is knowledgeable in the philosophic and applied technological disciplines of bio-molecular resonance and cell-physiology; physics (most branches – including music, plasma and bio-optic physics, molecular nano-tech, zero-point quantum physics and energy generation). In addition, Loren engages geological sciences including: environmental sciences designer-remediation (soil, water, air, bio-culture). He is the pioneer of structured fluids and gas, and plasma physics. As Principle Investigator, Loren has pioneered research into multiple multi-disciplinary fields including systems and data analysis, advanced scientific discovery analyses; security methodologies and Investigatory-Analyst for ‘hidden causes of undetected patterns’ and other ‘discovery/analysis protocols’). Loren is a design and production engineer, who works as a collaborative and advisory consultant in complimentary and alternative healing arts/sciences (Eastern, Western and Native American) and a trouble-shooter. He has been employed in business management, advanced market research and analysis, as an instructional teacher (philosophic and applied sciences, arts, trade skills), a multi-media artisan, a technical writer (technical summary and review papers, patent app’s, feature articles, etc); and lab test methods, equipment and facility designer. Loren is an inventor Supreme having created over 250 inventions, including SomaDyne healing technology (98% clinical efficacy). He is the Author, “Resonant Field Theory” (1958), which is in essence the holographic nature of experiential reality.

Loren has devoted his life to Mother Earth, to reconnect the bond between nature and humankind through his research and developments, by sharing his wisdom with those who desire a better world.

Megan Gaiser

PEACE Creative Strategist for Inspired Experience

Megan served 40 years as a creative leader and storyteller across education and entertainment, in films and video games. One of the first female CEOs in the video game industry, she and her team pioneered a market niche, inspiring video games with the Nancy Drew franchise — by sidestepping a corporate system deeming girls ‘ungameworthy’.

Awards include the “Game Industry’s 100 Most Influential Women Next Generation” and “2011 Indie Cade Trailblazer Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Through her umbrella initiative *The Human Reboot*, Megan serves as a creative strategist to optimize human potential by up shifting the nature of business, education, entertainment, products and services with whole-brained approaches — *uncorporatizing* for Go(o)d. She seeds fresh ideas into the mix infusing visual radiance, holistic wisdom and the joy of wonder to inspire creations.

Megan regularly conducts multidisciplinary research at the intersection of science and spirituality employing that, along with experiential practice, to restore human wholeness from the inside out. Based on her learning, Megan authored *Awaken Greatly: An Evolutionary Playbook for Sovereign Being* — a collection of informative and viscerally enlivening word paintings depicting the hustle and the healing of humanity.

Megan founded *Leadership for Diversity* (L4D) during the ‘#MeToo’ movement and ‘Gamergate’ conflict to seed a collective vision for creative leadership. The goal is to reclaim innate, heartfelt intelligence—the most valuable currency — to be all we are. She also complied a collective repository of shared online resources, books, and experiential practices to uplift from Leadership to LeadOurShip.

Favorite Ways to Play: creative writing, tennis, singing, dancing, cooking, flower arranging, gardening, cat cuddling, bird watching, Soaring Crane Qi Gong, reading, and cultivating friendship(s).

We welcome Megan to the PEACE team as an inspiring creative asset to future development.