Recommended Resources For Faculty

The following book list is recommended reading for PEACE Faculty:

Education and the Significance of Life – Krishnamurti  (Click to download)
Journal of the Krishnamurti Schools
Mindful Bodies Sample Lesson
Mindfulness Exercises

A Mathematician’s Lament – Paul Lockhart  (Click to download)
The Impact of Music on Math Achievement
The State of Ease – Doc Childre  (Click to download)
The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle
The Super Brain – Deepak Chopra and Dr Rudolph Tanzi
Multiple Intelligences:
New Horizons in Theory and Practice – Howard Gardiner

Resources for
Special Needs Children

Backyard Camping for Kids with Disabilities
Playground Tips for Children with Special Needs
Teaching Swimming to Children with Disabilities:
Benefits & Safety Precautions
The Best Bikes for Special Needs Kids

With Thanks to Don Lewis and for more great resources – Ability Labs

How to Childproof Your Home When Little One is Hard of Hearing         4 Top Tips for Communicating With Deaf Children
Interacting With Children Who Are Visually Impaired
Choosing Toys for Children With Vision Loss

How to Create the Ultimate Playroom for Autistic Child
Food Allergy 411 for Babysitters
Babysitting: Caring for Kids with Medical Conditions
Youth Group Games for Disabled Children



Informative Links

What PEACE Math-Art resembles:
Teaching Elementary Students the Magic of Math