This is not the traditional classroom and children do not sit in rows. All learning is experiential, individual and collaborative. Students will receive an exploratory, project and inquiry based experience. As enrollment increases, there will be a main room teacher for each level – yet due to the diversity of the programming students will have guidance from a variety of  “specialty experts” depending on the area of life they wish to explore – be it environmental science, language, social studies, creative math, agriculture, health, phys ed., astronomy, etc.

PEACE has transformed and enhanced the current Ontario Ministry curriculum guideline in order to acquire accreditation when we reach the grade 7 level, so those who wish or need to move back into the mainstream will be prepared for it. Because students move at their own rate in an inspiring and encouraging environment, they will advance in greater strides than the mainstream. PEACE School begins with K-6 and will add a grade each year up to grade 12.

A downloadable Curriculum Guideline is currently posted on the website under “Curriculum”.

Yes, to both. We currently have a First Nations qualified teacher visiting the classroom for an afternoon, once monthly All studies will be presented by those who are experienced in the subject area.

This year French has been part of the regular program, and as enrollment and demand increases, we plan to offer a  half day French immersion program with an FSL qualified teacher. We also offer  German lessons weekly through Skype and plan to add other languages such as Spanish and Italian as they are requested. Through the virtual portal, students will connect with different cultures and languages around the globe.

Children are assessed through a variety of methods. As each child is unique. we create a Personal Education Plan (PEP) with each student and their parents at the beginning of the year and revise mid year. Students will employ their own learning style to gain understanding. They are assessed based on their individual potential and not against a ‘norm’ or ‘standard’ bell curve. Assessments are observational, anecdotal and based on the projects, presentations, performance and various testing markers established for the various arts infused programs. The students move at their own rate. A report card is provided over 3 terms.


PEACE faculty members are at the top of their class, with diversified and highly skilled backgrounds in both academics and arts. They are passionate, compassionate, enlightened, enthusiastic, positive and aware. Most in classroom teachers have their OCT

The school looks like a playground for exploration and adventure. Teachers are facilitators and guides who share their informed knowledge, and provide the tools, information and a context for the children to select and explore the world.

PEACE School methodology embraces the best of the best philosophies of great teachers such as Maria Montessori, Rudolph Steiner, inquiry based design thinking (D.School) and Enlightened Education from Creative Education Systems, all under the auspices of Howard Gardener’s Multiple Intelligence.

Hiring begins after the preregistration deadline, when we have a better indication of the enrollment and our staffing requirements.

A list is being built that includes all those who have submitted resumes and registered for public forums.

Special Needs

At PEACE, every child is special and provided individual attention, to design a program that meets their needs, capabilities and learning styles. Classrooms are small with a maximum 15:1 ratio. There will be faculty who have significant special education experience with those who require it. Accommodations will be made according to the needs of each individual student to grow at their own rate and capability in all areas of learning.

All children will receive the love, compassion and attention they require to accomplish what they have set out to learn, and be provided the opportunity to express themselves and their understanding through a creative venue of their choice. They will be encouraged to discover their own talent and area of ‘genius’, develop it and grow to their highest potential.

Yes, a number of faculty are resourceful and diversified in various areas of expertise, to meet any and all needs of the children. Teachers are highly experienced, skilled and passionate guides, with a role to bring out the best in each and every child so they will blossom fully to live a purposeful and meaningful life.

Each child’s diagnosis will be reviewed and reassessed. At PEACE children are actively engaged in a variety of inspiring hands on activities, where they are provided ample opportunity to redirect their energies in a creative and constructive manner. Through meditation, music and yoga they learn about themselves emotionally, mentally, physically, and how to cope with the differences and challenges they may face. Our goal is to guide all children to develop their innate ‘gifts’ to their highest potential and become the best they can possibly be.


PEACE is a private school that does not receive funding from the government, thus there is a tuition fee to cover operating expenses. We are also a not-for-profit, registered charitable organization, so we are always seeking donations and funding to create scholarship, bursary and subsidy funding for those who desire this holistic approach to education where each child is guided and assessed on an individual basis to bring out their greatest potentials.

Yes, faculty will receive a discount, to be determined on an individual needs basis.

As a rule, charitable organization do not pay volunteers. This will depend on the type of work performed and the extent of the volunteering.

Yes – the amount will depend on income and budgets. Documentation will be submitted and a select board will discuss and determine the needs.

Pre-registration is open to everyone. Those in need may include a notation of their situation in their letter that expresses their needs and why their child deserves to be enrolled at PEACE.


Yes, we plan to have additional open house information events  throughout the year.

The green school is in the planning phase and will commence building as soon as all funding and logistics are confirmed and in place. In the interim we are leasing a facility, until the new facility is complete.

We are negotiating on various locations and will advise as soon as all is confirmed.

The expectation is for completion by September 2019 – it will depend on funding and how fast the bureaucracy moves.

The only thing average will be the time schedule… At PEACE, the world is our classroom. When one enters a PEACE School they will perceive an open concept, hive of activity and an energized environment of collaboration. Each school day begins with teachers and students gathering for a creative stimulation session to set the day’s tone. This may take the form of Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Music, etc. The rest of the school day is above average, inspired by the teachers/mentors, and guided by the students desires and needs.

PEACE School is not comparable to others and is available to all children who desire a creative approach to learning. It is a holistic education system founded on imagination creativity education – through an infusion of Academics with the Arts. The Ministry of Education curriculum guide has been elevated and transformed to provide an enriched enlightening program for all children, to enable accreditation when it is required for grade 7 through 12.  Because we are a private school, the Ministry of Education does not provide funding. Thus, we require that a tuition fee be paid to cover all operating expenses. As enrollment increases and donations come in, we will provide subsidies and bursaries to those in need.