See what makes PEACE School the perfect education for your children!


Looking for the perfect education for your children and the school of your dreams? PEACE School… where the World is our Classroom that offers a Universe of Limitless Possibilities!

Why Arts In Education?

“Why Arts In Education?” is a compilation of clips from Sir Ken Robinson, one of the world’s leading speakers on the need for development of creativity, innovation and human resources in education, a clip from the Right Brain Initiative, and PEACE School promotion clip.

PEACE Podcast

Harmony Helps’, Suzanne Harmony, a published author, Reiki Master, podcaster, psychic and medium, interviews Susan Terry, Founder of PEACE School and Karen Strang, Director of Communications, on April 7, 2020, about the School’s origins, journey and goals in this delightful and inspiring podcast

A PEACE School Experience

PEACE School is a holistic Arts & Ethos infused, inquiry based education, where children discover their innate genius, and develop to their fullest potentiality, growing at their own rate using their own learning style. At PEACE the world is our classroom open to a Universe of limitless possibilities.

For the Love of Learning... Math!

In this episode of Love of Learning with Lainie Liberty, we explore reasons math education is failing and what can be done about it… with an incredible panel, including Tutor, Paul Gafni, Pam Sorooshian, home schooler and Susan Terry, Founder & Director of PEACE School. Susan speaks out on the need to alter our perspective on “Math” and transform the manner in which the Math curriculum is designed and delivered.

CNN Mission Impossible
"For The Love of Learning" Susan Terry Interview

Naturally Better TV

Naturally Better TV – The Health & Awareness Educational Series Presented by Dr. Jeremy with guest, Susan Terry. As more and more parents and children recognize that a “good education” is NOT what they are getting in the current education system, as well, of a growing awakening to the absolute needs to nurture children’s innate, God given gifts, talents and persuasions, we find a true evolutionary spirit in the woman known as Susan Terry.


Synergy International Inc. has 9 Design aspects that will lead us to a fully functional city, where the many problems we face today will no longer exist. We term all these inter-connected aspects working harmonically in the integrated design, a Smart Eco City. It is the task for all participants and inhabitants to be aware of the Smart Eco City basic principles, throughout the building process and when they actually reside there.